Listen// Party Hardly suffer an existential crisis

The boring nature of getting older drains on alt act.


Growing older is not as fun as it seemed when you were young. That’s a realisation that everyone has to have eventually, and it’s never enjoyable to have. Party Hardly seem to have come to this realisation with Terry Shure, a song lamenting the process of aging and becoming dull.

Over the course of a hazy alternative track that feels loosely tied together with sleepy drum rhythms and twisted psychedelic guitar tones, the band explores how things change; notably how the titular Terry has gone from being an exciting, fresh-faced laugh to a dull and boring chore, telling the same stories on repeat. Incidentally, this message is coupled with a retro indie-rock feel, with the song veering from early 90s baggy to a closing refrain that could’ve come straight from Oasis’ Be Here Now era.

Just in case the sentiment dodged you in its disenfranchised baggy throwback, guitarist Matt Pownall explains that “Terry Shure is my personal realisation of seeing people’s lives go stagnant. How over time you go from doing new and exciting things to telling the same old stories and being stuck in the past”.

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