Listen// Let go of the midweek slump feelings

10Digits drops a solid new track with a little help from a few killer acts.


10Digits has already established himself as one to watch. The producer/DJ dropped a solid single previously that rapidly accumulated over two million streams, so what better way to follow it up than with a packed out collab with a solid beat and dope flow?

Feeling, the latest single, seamlessly synthesizes the talents of three distinct artists. Buzzing rapper Shaqisdope delivers acrobatic bars, American Idol finalist Joshua Ledet brings soulful vibes aplenty, and frequent collaborator Jordan Alexander’s infectious melodies are the icing on the cake.

“Personally, as an artist, I always feel like I want to accomplish more by trying harder and harder every day,” explained 10Digits.”Sometimes, when you’ve given it your 100 per cent and you don’t see the results, it’s easy to lose hope and feel like you just want to give up. I guess I’ve had that feeling since the beginning of my career and I wanted to create a song about it because I believe that my fans also feel the same way with the things that they do in their daily lives.”

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