Listen// Urban pop with smooth R&B vibes

Lucy Whittaker teams up with Yizzy for a solid new single.


It feels like it’s been forever since we last checked in on Lucy Whittaker. In the three intervening years since she smashed onto our radar with Change Your Mind, Whittaker has perfected her craft and honed the pop-R&B mood of her music. Who’s Gonna Know is a testament to how far she’s come, in three sweet minutes of charged electronic pop with smooth vocals.

Whittaker’s vocal performance is on top form, sounding sleepily seductive and passionately sensual in equal measure. Alongside this, the instrumentation relentlessly pushes forward with chugging electronic beats punctuated by occasional synth swells. This is all before up and coming rapper Yizzy drops in to break the track down and spin a lyrical yarn that leads us to a powerful closing refrain. It’s a well-structured, well-executed single that proves Whittaker has the potential to make a real impact.

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