Listen// Margot delve deep into others feelings

latest cut from dreampop band draws from overheard conversations.


What’s the most useful thing you’ve ever gained from overhearing a conversation on public transport? If you’re anything like us, there’s probably no answer to that question – all the overheard conversations have been pretty unproductive and uneventful. However, that’s the difference between the masses and Margot, who has turned an overheard conversation on a tube journey into a stunning, hazy dreampop single in the form of Tired.

Giving off a feel like a dreamy version of late 90s Foo Fighters, Tired marks the first time the band has incorporated warm synths and bright strings into their usual signature sound. The end result is a track that feels oddly ambitious, gorgeously expansive and curiously emotional.

Discussing the conversation that prompted the single, frontman Alex Hannaway says: “Tired came from a late-night journey on the tube. I was being nosy, prying on a conversation between two men. One was expressing how difficult it was becoming with his teenage daughter, how hard it was to get any kind of conversation, how they used to be so close. He was struggling to come to terms with change.”

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