Video// Hit the road with Calva Louise

Garage rock outfit’s latest video chroma keys them into the past.


Raucous garage rockers Calva Louise have shared the visuals for their deafening anthem Outrageous, further reiterating their unbridled angst and unmissable talent for combining biting ferocity with infectious melodies. Crammed full with skyscraping riffs, sumptuous harmonies and frontwoman Jess Allanic’s biting vocals, the band have already earned plaudits throughout the online community for their latest effort.

Having feverishly honed their craft within London’s thriving punk scene, the trio has progressed to exploring the country and receiving widespread mainstream airtime and praise. With that comes a lot of touring, which on budget has lead the band to squeezing into a small car and hitting the roads. And effectively, that’s what the video sets out to recreate.

“The video for Outrageous shows (sort of) what it’s like to be in a band for us”, the three-piece says. “As a band with no money but with a lot of willpower, we’d go on adventures in our tiny old car, going from London to Berlin to Glasgow, facing, at first, a lot of struggles but always having the maddest adventures and all kind of challenges. In the end, nothing really gets easier, but it does get funnier to experience!”

Obviously, the video isn’t live from the road and, at times, the chroma keying might be a bit off so the band appear with a green aura, but that loans itself quite nicely to the band’s rough and ready aesthetic.

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