Listen// Punk against rape culture

Gaffa Tape Sandy lets loose a barbed attack on toxic rape culture mentality.

These are sad and sorry times, where the story of a sexual violence, abuse or assault case has become familiar and all-too-frequent. It’s unsurprising that the toxic culture of modern society has bred a new wave of punk artists like Gaffa Tape Sandy, whose latest single Meat Head is born of loathing for rape mentality and propelled by a barbed tongue and venomous deliveries.

Meat Head is a song that, without the context of rape culture, is an enjoyable song that brings a line of pop sensibility to a high octane rush of garage rock. Echoing The Subways’ early years in the best way possible, it’s a bodies to the wall assault of pure rock adrenaline.

It’s when we consider the sentiment of the lyrics that the feeling of the song changes. The lyrics transcend punk angst and begin to reflect something more deeply engrained and sorrowful, justifying the frenzied fury of guitars and vocals that hold more than a hint of disgust. Throw in some lyrics such as “this house, this temple, is a capsule of guilt; no one else but me was there when it was built” that really eloquently express the idea of body self-ownership, and you’re onto a winner.

It’s an energetic burst of socially-incited and morally-sound energy; one that serves as a flawless anti-rape battlecry.

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