Video// Yukon Era will make you feel

Latest video and single from post-punk outfit is a full-on dose of tense frustration.


Few videos capture the mix of loathing, loneliness, frustration and anger that accompany introversion in social situations quite like Yukon Era‘s new video for Feel. But as the video dives into the duality of suffering, in silence, as inner demons tear you out of a social situation that you’d ideally like to be involved in.

This is pretty strongly reinforced with the song itself, which flicks between tense guitar riffs and fierce instrumental onslaughts numerous times in its three minute run time. For the first minute, you’d actually be forgiven for dismissing this as another alternative track. But once the instrumentation begins to kick in and the visuals begin to become more frantic and frustrated, it becomes clear that there’s more to Yukon Era than first meets the eye/ear.

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