Listen// Dreams from South London

Margot’s second slice of infectious indie is twice as good as the first.


In April, South London’s Margot took its first step into the UK’s burgeoning indie scene with the outfit’s debut single. It was a well-received dreampop lamentation of modern life, which naturally brings us to the pressure of the follow up single. Well, the outfit has stepped its game up once more with second single Twenty Six.

Having already taken inspiration, both positive and negative, from their concrete surroundings, and reflecting on the way the external city impacts on a person’s life, Margot decide to turn the camera inwards on the infectious new single.

“It is a discussion with myself,” says vocalist Alex Hannaway. “A self-reflective hangover where you make pledges to yourself, full up with anxiety and memory loss. Think the artwork pretty much sums it up.”

From the opening lackadaisical anti-riff onwards, the touchstones to dream-pop artists old and new are apparent, yet there’s a unique thread running throughout. This is generated by the collective way the quintet creates not only their music, but art and visuals as well.

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