Listen// An attack on toxic masculinity

AHead of their debut album, Her’s decided to go back to their roots with a stab at masculinity.

Her’s have gone from strength to strength in the past four years, affirming themselves as one to watch. But those who did watch noticed that the band’s sound developed and transformed during those years, stepping slightly further away from the curious slack-pop that defined them once upon a time.

With their debut album confirmed for release this summer, the band has taken the initiative to try and throwback to their original sound with latest single Low Beam. Offering up a modern take on a retro RnB vibe, the track is a return to the duo’s 80s jangle pop, slack art rock origins to ultimately reassert the curious oddball mythos that made the duo so magnetic in the first place.

But alongside this, the band is taking lyrical aim right at the culture of toxic masculinity. Low Beam focusses very much on the pitfalls and traps of modern masculinity, with the band also stating that the song is “a commentary on toxic masculinity, viewed through the eyes of a biker who feels alienated by the gangs in the scene, without feeling any weaker. He’s a lone wolf type character.”

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