Listen// DRUGZZ means business

Latest future-trap single encapsulates the powerhouse talents of Tennessee artist.

Drugzz - I didn't mean to do | New single review

The story of few artists is as interesting as DRUGZZ‘s. In the artist’s own words, “I spent the last 6 years of my life starting and running a fresh salsa company called Uncle Kragers. I was working 70 hours in a kitchen chopping fucking cilantro while all my friends were outside going on vacations and playing sold out shows. Our company did very well, but I ended up hating my life. Inspiration comes in many ways – sometimes through cilantro stained hands.”

Yeah – not your typical musical backstory.

All of that cilantro slicing has brought DRUGZZ to this moment; working with Sterling Sound Studios (known for working with acts from The Weeknd to David Bowie) to drop new single I Didn’t Mean To Do. And it’s one hell of a strong track.

The single swims in luminosity; throbbing basslines, solid percussive bliss and Sam’s energetic yet ferocious vocal-build sets the tone. Smoothly sung passages slowly turn to powerful, unforgiving screams, creating an anthemic aura encompassing on the track’s nostalgic nature. Powerful, swaying synthesizers bleed onto an atmospheric ambient section before erupting into his unique brand of experimental dancefloor antics.

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