Listen// Out There comes back with a vengeance

It’s been a long time coming, but Out There’s new single shows it’s been time well spent.

Out There | Risk It All | Out There ft Blake Rose
It’s nice to finally get the chance to listen to a song that refreshes my creative palette, bringing to the plate suspenseful ambiance, moving vocals, and rail-riding basslines.

Out There’s first single in over a year, Risk It All, accompanied by Blake Rose’s soft, swinging voice paves the way for a new sub-sphere of indie electronic music. Using an intuitive combination of organic and synthesized instruments, Out There has taken his hiatus for good reason, increasing his production skills immensely since his last releases.

Out There is the music incubator of Sam Perlow, a Los Angeles native whose passion for music sprouted in early childhood. Using his unique skills at forming creative landscapes with sound, Sam strives to transport his fans from Earth to a new dimension of indie sounds. Take a listen to the first release since his resurgence below, published by award-winning indie label Lowly Palace. 

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