Listen// Vilde’s new single is an artistic indie voyage

Art-pop artist compacts his distinct sound into four adventurous minutes.

Art-pop is one of those genres that can be a hard sell to many people; if the balance is more on the art side, there’s the risk of alienating a lot of people who expect something with strong pop appeal.

If the art-pop description didn’t put you off, then well done. Your reward for tuning into Vilde‘s newest single Flash In The Pan is a voyage across artistic indie soundscapes that blur the lines of shoegaze, electropop and glitchpop.

Throwing in chugging rhythms with sprawling indie guitar riffs, a constant wave of synths and a peculiar song structure that stop-starts the momentum in a strangely appealing way, Flash In The Pan is four whimsical minutes that epitomise Vilde’s sound. Topped off with vocals that are oddly reminiscent of Darwin Deez, it’s an artistic gift with pop sensibility that is waiting to be unpackaged.

One thing the single does remarkably well is craft a world for the listener. While certain segments may feel flimsy or flat at times, the moments when all the instrument lines play simultaneously make the song a solid art-pop adventure.

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