Video// Annabel Allum breaks the mainstream

Downbeat new single swaps out the grunge ferocity for indie-pop angst.

Annabel Allum has always done things a very particular way, which has led to her becoming synonymous with scuzzy rock sounds and disenfranchised angst. Typically, these have taken the form of ferocious grunge-meets-noise-rock stompers, but her latest single Rascal looks to upset the status quo.

Taking Allum down a more downbeat, indie-pop style, Rascal catches Allum’s melancholy side taking precidence over her hard-hitting angst. As such, this catches a side of Allum we don’t see very often – one that is seemingly courting the mainstream more than you might normally expect.

This is reflected in the type of national outlets picking up on Allum on the back of the single’s release, as well as the direction of the single’s music video. Taking a more traditional approach of a dancer interpreting the music, it’s almost a complete U-turn on the style we expect from Allum – and we can’t help feel that the unpredictability is rather the point.

RASCAL by Annabel Allum on VEVO.

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