Listen// Elohim demands your full attention

Latest single is a late-night electropop banger ready for mainstream adoration.


Elohim has already established herself as one of the hottest new artists in the emerging EDM and electropop scenes. She’s so far done it fully on her own terms, bringing her own personality and unique style to tracks. But in the run up to her debut album’s release on April 27, Elohim has dropped her most radio-ready and widely enjoyable single to date: Half Love.

Combining a bouncing rhythm, a strong building musical structure, a screamalong chorus and even a sax line, the track brings together all the elements of an electropop hit. And to alleviate any concerns of Elohim selling out for her album, the track is still injected with Elohim’s musical calling cards. The verses are delivered in her almost spoken-word style, almost alluding to Skinny Legs, and the overall production feels like CHVRCHES with a higher dose of optimism.

Dropping only a few days before the debut album means that Half Love has the added pressure of trying to generate momentum for Elohim. Fortunately, it seems she’s dropped the perfect song to get her on everyone’s radar.

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