Listen// A song of idealogical peace

Indie band’s second single is a swirling singalong calling for peace on the right and left.

It’s pretty much taken as standard in modern times that political discourse is dead and it’s been boiled down to a shouting match. It’s the right versus the left; conservative principles combatting liberal viewpoints. Particularly in the last couple of years, this has devolved to a point where people band around ideals in a mob mentality.

Music has traditionally been a strong weapon of idealism, but the trouble is that musical commentators also get lumped into either the right or left wing. With such sweeping generalisations so easy to make, there’s magic in the simplicity and bipartisan sentiment of CHILDCARE‘s new single Big Man.

Through swirling guitar riffs, menacingly haunting backing vocal melodies and shimmering synth work, the band crafts a faintly ethereal sounding track that slinks along with a simple message: don’t discredit or disregard your idealogical opposition, consider them human and understand their views. It does this without feeling preachy or self-righteous; instead finding its place as an electrified campfire singalong song for anybody who has ever had to mediate a war of words.

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