Video// BØRNS makes it work

Latest video sees the psych-rock artist make creative use of fan art.

In the age of social media, there’s no reason why an artist should be detached from those that appreciate the art. The relationship is always strongest when its reciprocated and the artist appreciates not only the fans, but also the art of the fans.

That’s where we get gems like BØRNS‘s latest music video for We Don’t Care. The track itself is an infectious, psychedelic tour-de-force from the artist that showcases why BØRNS is worth paying attention to. But the video is the result of a recent Adobe competition entitled #MakeItBORNS, which asked aspiring artists and fans to interpret the song into imagery.

These images form the backdrop of the video, over which BØRNS sings, emotes and dad dances. And it’s fair to say that the contributing artists captured the feel and aesthetic of the song perfectly, as psychedelic backdrops swirl and intertwine with doves, butterflies and abstract imagery. It’s a gesture of unity between artist and audience, and one that encapsulates the mind-altering goodness of the track.

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