Listen// The screeching synths of modern grunge

NIGHT OWLS’ latest two-minute angst track is a scuzzy-electronic blast.

Although it’s heyday was only a (relatively recent) 25 years ago, many of the iconic figureheads of the grunge scene have already faded away. This means we’ll never know what they would make of acts like NIGHT OWLS, whose latest offering brings the anti-mainstream angst and over-generous dissonance to the digital age.

Better With Age is a bitter grunge singalong for the modern times. The song laments coming of age in the era of social media, interconnected idiocy and digital existences. Honestly, it’s probably something we can all relate to… even though almost all of us will first hear this using the internet. But hey, irony is the spirit of the times.

In any case, NIGHT OWLS’ take on grunge is worth noting. Bringing the chaotic dissonance and muscular rhythms to electronic sounds and synths, it’s just clean and refined enough to offer a digestible bout of digital rebellion.

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