Listen// The summer song of free spirits

FEVA’s latest track is an anthem for those who think and feel differently.

Filled to the brim with energy, passion and inspiration, FEVA is the indie-alternative rising star of the Newcastle music scene. And with the summer only a few months away, the band has strategically released its anthemic new single Makin’ Waves.

It’s a strategic move, as the track catches the band on top form with blistering guitar riffs, a crunchy rhythm section and an early-era Vaccines sense of energy. Each of these factors combine to make an infectious offering with an undeniable singalong anthem feel to it.

This anthemic feel extends to its lyrical content, which expresses a free-spirited message of joyous acceptance to those who are driven by more than a desire for loving. It’s packaged and delivered much in the same way that The Enemy might deliver a strong message; concisely and with enough power that it’s inevitable it will resound with, and be repeated by, adoring masses.

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