Listen// A tasty slice of bedroom electronic

Pizzagirl drops single to whet our appetites ahead of EP release.

There’s a lot to admire about Pizzagirl. First, of course, is the non-binary and pro-fast food name the electronic artist gave himself. Second is the fact that the artist has called his bedroom, where he has established a makeshift music studio, the “Beatzeria”. But arguably the most admirable thing so far is that, ahead of debut EP An Extended Play, the artist has shared one final taster in the form of Seabirds.

In the words of Pizzagirl, “Wear your freshest life jacket, full steam ahead as we travel at unlimited speeds to the shore of internet, you might become a little woozy from melancholy as you are slippin’ and slidin’ through the radio waves to search for the birds of the digital sea!”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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