Listen// EVAN GIIA makes a strong first impression

Pop artist’s first team up with Foreign Family Collective is a dance-propelled hit.

First impressions matter. So, when vocalist EVAN GIIA joined the ranks of ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, the first single had to make a strong statement.

Fortunately, latest track WESTWORLD delivers a strong and thilling introduction. It’s a seriously catchy romp through shimmering percussion and dense synths atop a terrific groove. But easily the track’s most defining feature is its seamless flipping between styles, moving from a slow-burning pop number to a club-friendly EDM-pop track propelled by bouncing bass plucks.

On the topic of the single, ODESZA offers high praise: “The first time we heard WESTWORLD we were immediately drawn to how much of an anthem it was. We found ourselves coming back to it over and over throughout our last tour. EVAN GIIA encapsulates a lot of the same things that excite us about the future of electronic music. We’re extremely honored to not only represent her on our label but also to work with someone with such vision, talent and determination.”

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