Listen// K?D & Wolfgang Gartner’s reviving collaboration

Rising star and established veteran come together to create an obsessive single. 

Known for his glitch future bass sounds and manga themed visuals, EDM’s up and coming wunderkind K?D takes us back to the Golden Age of Complextro on his single, Banshee, in collaboration with Electro veteran Wolfgang Gartner. Their unexpected collaboration puts K?D into the company of elite artists like Diplo, Deadmau5, and Skrillex as the only producers to have worked with Gartner.  

The pair of fledgling artists takes 2018 by storm as Banshee keeps true to the days when Complextro ruled over EDM, meticulously working to engineer only the best sounds in one of the most complicated drops of the year already. With its hard growling bass stabs pounding the chest of any festival-goer who hears them and setting the scene with full-sounding saw chords, K?D and Wolfgang Gartner have come together to create a nostalgiac banger.

Follow K?D on souncloud here.

Follow Wolfgang Gartner on soundcloud here.

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