Listen// XAINS will empower you to greatness

Electrorock single finds power in hopelessness.

Negativity doesn’t have to produce more negativity – just ask XAINS. Spurred by a proverbial fork in the road during his life and career, his new single When The Lights Go Out channels feelings of utter frustration and hopelessness into an upbeat, empowering indie-house anthem that bridges on alternative meets electrorock. It’s a strange mix, so it’s a testament to the power of the song that it retains an anthemic appeal.

On how the track came about, XAINS describes the inspiration in detail, saying “I wrote When The Lights Go Out when I was frustrated with the direction of my life and my career seemed uncertain.

“Instead of trying to hold it together and act like I was fine, I found that the the answer was learning to be ok with not being ok. Even though my feelings were heavy, I wanted to keep the music light and hopeful with steady house kick and synth hook that feels uplifting, because ultimately that’s what I want others to feel in times of uncertainty.”

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