Playlist// Captain Squeegee runs down its inspirations

Indie outfit selects the ten songs that influenced them most on new ep Harmony Cure.

Following the release of the band’s excellent EP, Harmony Cure, at the end of January, indie boundary pushers Captain Squeegee have sat down with us to detail the ten tracks that have most influenced them.

Beck – Elevator Music
“We love Beck because he knows no genre boundaries… we live by this same non-rule.”

The Mars Volta – Drunkship of Lanters
“The first time our band heard this Mars Volta record, it changed everything. It directly influenced our prog-rock sensibilities & Danny’s vocals.”

The Slackers – Who Knows
“Back when we were a straight-up ska band, The Slackers opened our ears early to clever chord changes and good old-fashioned song writing.”

Anderson Paak – Come Down
“This song is basically the anthem of our band mobbin and our daily trouble-making.”

Rx Bandits – Decrescendo
“When the Rx Bandits broke away from ska-punk and entered the prog-rock universe, they basically took us with them. It was a watershed moment for us.”

Kneebody – Break Me
“Most of us met in college jazz programs, and Kneebody represented an alternative to traditional jazz bands. We finally met them at a school clinic, and they completely blew our minds. They also inspired our use of FX Pedals on horns.”

Thrice – All The World Is Mad
“Thrice impacted us deeply because their songs were so heavy, fierce, and about something. They also got our singer into occasional screaming… which he loves to do haha.”

Tera Melos – In Citrus Heights
“We love getting mathy in our music…. If our song is hard for you to count, we won. Tera Melos are the absolute KINGS of mixed-meter and math rock wildness. We are huge fans.”

John Coltrane – Crescent
“Chris, our sax player, has an obsessions with Coltrane – but what sax player doesn’t? He brings that same dynamic sound to our recordings and keeps our jazz-roots alive in every Coltrane-esque note.”

Mad Caddies – Falling Down
“Our occasional dixieland / vaudville outbursts are easily because of The Mad Caddies. One of the most underrated horn-bands of all time.”


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