Listen// A spaced out slice of dreamy electronica

Pizzagirl will take you on a winding road to chilled out electronic bliss.

For as 80s-inspired as previous single Favourite Song was, Pizzagirl clearly understands the speed at which modern music moves. Only one month after dropping the last single, the indietronica act has come back with new track Carseat, and it’s another solid song that cements Pizzagirl as a 80s-driven master of chilled out electronic sounds.

Drawn from similar creeping drum rhythms as its predeccessor, Carseat is a late-night electro gem that sounds bigger with every listen. From the reverberated vocal to the slowly swelling synth lines, it’s a track that stays close to its title and sounds like it should soundtrack late evening slow drives.

Over the course of four minutes, the single continually expands into new spaces and creates a feeling like you’re being propelled towards a blissful destination. And as it cascades into a swirl of echoey vocals at about 3:30, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived.

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