Listen// Marsicans get sensitive

Band swaps out infectious indie energy for gentle harmonies.

If you’re a band that excels in energetic indie music and you have a year of significant growth, there’s only a couple of ways to respond: pause and take stock, or churn it out and risk becoming a bit cookie-cutter. After months of growth and intense singles, Marsicans have decided to do the former on new single Wake Up Freya.

The single sees the band showcasing a more sensitive side to their harmony laden sound. The arena-sized hooks and trademark joyful warmth remain, aided and abetted by emotional reflection on the part of lead-vocalist James Newbigging. Whereas previous singles Friends and Throw Ourselves In were invigorating in their hyperactivity, Wake Up Freya revels in slowing the pace down, watching the world spin around it removed from its chaotic speed.

It’s quite possibly Marsicans’ most personal song to date. “I wrote the song for my niece before she was born.” Newbigging says, “It was a particularly bad news day and I started thinking about how amazing the world is when you’re young, compared to how fucked up everything seems to be when you’re older. The song was written as if I was talking to her. It’s about taking stock of everything that’s good around you and how eventually it’s those people and moments that count rather than all the perpetual shit that surrounds you.”

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