Listen// ZoZo sings your soul to sleep

Second single perfects the artist’s dreampop offering.

It’s quite fitting that, as a dreampop artist, ZoZo seems to be completely infatuated with using the idea of sleep as a bittersweet-but-romantic concept. We saw it in the distantly supportive narrative of debut single I Won’t Leave Your Bed Tonight, and we’re seeing it again with the melancholic lullaby that is Close To Falling Asleep.

Admittedly, this single takes on affection from a different perspective to the previous single, focussing instead on the fall of a relationship. Through this, ZoZo’s gentle, melody-laden vocal flickers between delivering drawn out notes that emphasise her vocal talents and resigned, almost spoken segments that bleed a morose sense of defeat.

It’s an emotional ride, even when its only implicitly delivered by ZoZo herself; for the remainder, the gently cascading electronic sounds and subdued beats share the tragic sense of tranquility that words could never convey.

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