Premiere// Super Duper – Far From Falling

A super-duper, genre-bending, electro-hip-hop treat.

Best known for his ultra-melodic electronic production, Super Duper has decided to kick off the new year with a fresh take on his ever-evolving sound. This new take drops in the form of Far From Falling, an atmospheric earworm of a track that blends slice up synths, grandiose guitar-work and a groovy hip-hop edge for a truly genre-defying experience.

It’s also the first taste of his forthcoming VHS EP which is slated to be a nostalgic, emotional journey through modern takes on Super Duper’s favorite ‘80s and ‘90s sounds.

The Nashville based producer had a string of successful 2017 releases that included his standout track Second Chances, which topped a million Spotify streams, and his work behind the boards for R.LUM.R’s top 10 urban adult-contemporary hit Frustrated. Far From Falling showcases a renewed vigour for the year ahead, demonstrating beyond all reasonable doubt that Super Duper has plenty of creative energy left in him.

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