Video// Wintery hip hop

Soule’s new video encapsulates the frost of the short hip hop jam.

Hip hop mixtapes are a wonderful thing. A lot of the time, they’re pretty much the same type of beast as an album, but the important difference is that it allows the artist to fearlessly explore musical directions in shorter bursts than would normally be acceptable.

Soule has done just this on his new mixtape The Care Package, with third single Signal sitting at only 1:39 in total. This short run time shouldn’t fool you though; its a condensed hip hop jam with icy cool instrumentation and a stable lyrical flow that makes it feel like a snapshot of expression rather than a forced song. It’s more natural and it shows.

The video for the track has a dreamy winter vibe, filled with shots of leafless trees and pink skies. “Outside is my favorite place to think and reflect,” explained Soule on the video. “I’d like to show how beautiful our environment can be. Hoping it helps us all get more in tune with the natural world.”

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