Listen// Young & Sick strips back Ojai

Coinciding with a date for his new EP, Young & SIck offers piano version of lead single.

While it’s no longer technically the season for giving, we’ve still had a pleasant surprise from a certain Nick. The Nick in question is Nick van Hofwegen, or the musician and visual artist better known as Young & Sick, who has announced the release date of his forthcoming new Ojai EP (January 26) alongside a stripped back rendition of Ojai.

Since his re-introduction in late 2017, Young & Sick has been on a steady rise, trickling out new tracks and showcasing brand new original artwork. The two artforms converged in October with the release of Ojai, the lead single from his new EP, and an accompanying flipbook visual.

This was the beginning of a newmusical chapter, with the artist sowing his recent travels through the American South with his European roots. The song itself was written in the small town of Ojai, California, about 1.5hrs outside of LA.

Citing the process, Nick notes, “I was staying at a hotel there called The Rancho. I just had a few drinks and I was in the sun, and I just let a very apparent feeling hit myself, hit me. I got to make a song about taking too much on your plate and how that affects you and how you can have, like, a micro-meltdown because you’ve put too much on yourself.”

Unsurprisingly, the ambient piano-led stylings does the track a tremendous service and showcases the power of Nick’s vocals, as well as the intrinsic melodic emotion of the single.

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