Listen// A house track for the new year

Latest future house single from Madison Mars is perfect for new year’s parties.

Energy, excitement, emotion and enjoyment; those are the four ingredients for a killer future house track. Expressing them properly and in the right balance is the key to perfecting the craft and none know this quite like Madison Mars, whose new single Magneto ticks all the boxes and hits all the right notes.

Energetic and upbeat, Magneto spreads instant appeal with its dreamy vocals and snappy drums before dipping in to a unique and futuristic drop. The drums drive up excitement and intense energy within the first 50 seconds of runtime, while the vocals serve up a light touch of emotional perfection.

The vocal itself is very simple; it’s just one line, repeated hypnotically in a way that perfectly lets the music speak for itself while setting the tone for the track. It’s just the right amount of voice to inspire an emotional response without detracting from the solid drop and spacious synthwork.

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