Listen// An epic rock opera

If you have ten minutes to spare, this is probably one of the best ways to spend them.

Epic songs and rock operas aren’t the most popular song styles of modern times. Some might argue this is just as well and that the genre is overblown, others like HOLY would care to disagree. And, with the nine-minute epic new single All these worlds are yours, he makes a compelling argument.

The most timeless song the outfit has written to date, it’s a stunning epic that sounds like the centrepiece a musical stage show – overflowing with hearty, warming guitars; colossal drum work; an irresistible and insatiable piano melody and sky-high strings.

Resolutely positive, stadium-sized and unrepentantly anthemic, it not only perfectly encapsulates the proto-glam aesthetic HOLY was after, but justifies the layering in the process.

Lyrically, it’s a show in all itself – a heart-on-sleeve tale that Ferm describes as being about “moving to Stockholm and being surrounded destructivity, dishonesty, drugs and decay in a way that I felt I hadn’t been before.” It’s the boldest, most cinematic HOLY has sounded to date.

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