Listen// A dark slab of glacial misery

Useless Cities drop glacial indie with an acquired taste.

Useless Cities is one of those indie outfits that you’ll either really like and engulf yourself in, or you’ll absolutely hate and want to rid yourself of. There really is no middle ground, though the band’s new single Eyesore certainly makes it easier to pick a side.

The single is powered by reverb-soaked guitar lines and alternating male/female vocals, which feels quite Pixies-esque but with a slightly more 80s goth sheen to the instrumentation.

Lyrical thrillseekers will probably also want to give this one a miss; the lyrics circle around a backing vocal repetition for the most part, with the rest arguably incomprehensible. Eyesore is more about capturing a feeling than spreading a vocal message, and whichever side of the love/hate divide you find yourself on, there’s no denying it captures a sense of miserable dread.

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