Video// EarthGang robots now available to buy

You can now buy your own Atlanta rapper, while stocks last. New models coming soon.

The field of robotics is developing fast and, soon, we’ll be experiencing robotic music stars dominating the charts and industry. In fact, we get a bittersweet glimpse of that in EarthGang‘s new music video for Robots.

Taken from the duo’s new EP of the same name, the single is a solid mix of strong hip hop chorus melodies and breakneck-speed bars that showcase the best of both worlds for the band. If the song itself teaches us anything, it’s that EarthGang is as effective when laying down a stream of words as it is with melodic breaks.

The video itself shows the upcoming advent of rent-a-robot culture, featuring a child buying robotic models of the duo and forcing them into domestic servitude. The heartless child even trades in the loyal robots eventually, once new models hit the market and render the originals as old news.

It’s a bittersweet story and one with something resembling a happy ending, but it’s got us thinking a lot about the ethics of robot ownership in the future.

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