Review// The blooming solo career of Ben Jaffe

One half of HoneyHoney swaps Americana for Indie.

If you’re not yet familiar with Benjamin Jaffe as a solo artist, you might have come across him as one half of folk/americana outfit HoneyHoney, the band that frequents TBS show The Guest Book.

As it turns out, when not in HoneyHoney, Jaffe has quite the penchant for indie-alternative. His latest offering, upcoming single Blooming, showcases this perfectly. While shades of americana do shine through in the mix, the single itself stands more as a five-minute sprawling indie masterclass than anything else. In fact, it’s so well crafted that none would believe that Jaffe hasn’t been active in the indie scene for much of the past decade.

Part of the power of the track is that every line of instrumentation, whether it is the constant march of the drum section or the ascending plucks and flourishes of the guitar, embraces its own groove. Too often, indie artists rely on the rhythm section to provide every sense of rhythm and motion in a track.

Similarly to the work of fellow indie-alternative figure Mac DeMarco, who is arguably the best comparison for Jaffe’s solo stylings, Blooming draws a sense of rhythm from each insrtument individually and gels it together into a delectable cluster of chaos. In this chaos, we find the heart of what makes Blooming so special – its self-fulfilling coherency and collective beauty.

Benjamin Jaffe’s new single Blooming will be released on October 19, 2017.

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