Listen// Ebenezer rails against clichés

Ebenezer positions himself as the figurehead of the next gen of British R&B

R&B hopefuls are a dime a dozen, and very few have anything unique or innovative to add to the genre. While its various subgenres have grown in popularity and created social shifts in recent years, the scene and the sound itself has progressed very slowly since the turn of the century.

What has changed, however, has been the authenticity of the artist. While it began as a gritty and real genre, the influence of pop has diluted this in recent years. Fortunately, we are seeing some kickback to this coming through – namely in the form of Ebenezer and his new track, Cliché.

The track is an emotional R&B gutpunch that draws from both the roots of the genre – real talk, emotion and substance – and the modern soundscape it populates, with elements of trap slipping into the mix. Most importantly of all though is the deliveries: every syllable is riddled with honesty and feeling, which feels fresh in a scene typically full of pretense.

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