Listen// Electropop intimacy

New track from Broke Royals overcomes a typical electronic challenge.

If there is one criticism to be levelled at electronic, electropop and dance music, it’s often that it’s devoid of any serious sense of feeling. For the most part, this is true; other than a feeling of ecstasy or shallow lust, there’s often little else to emotionally connect with listeners.

Broke Royals is trying to shift that dynamic with new single As Long As I Can See. Powered by a tribal drum rhythm that drives everything forward while tropical instrumental flourishes dance atop it, the track strikes a rare balance between infectious electropop joy and emotional resonance.

This is largely due to the vocal, which feels like it wouldn’t be out of place in a pop-ballad or stadium soft-rock track. It’s this vocal, as well as the indie guitar runs that strive for dominance in the mid-section of the song, that turns this song from another electropop song into something worth listening to and remembering.

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