Interview// Moth Wings’ new record: track by track

Moth Wings frontman Spencer Fort goes track by track on new release, DragonFruit.

Texas-based alt-folkpop outfit Moth Wings has just released its latest EP, DragonFruit. We spoke to frontman Spencer Fort for a track-by-track on the background of the release.

Sleepy Eyes
“I believe I wrote this song when I was roughly 16 or 17, but I could be wrong. Either way, it was quite a while ago and was never meant to be for Moth Wings until one day I had intense writers block. I find a lot of self worth in being able to create to any degree and I was just stressing myself out, kind of pacing back and forth in my head trying to figure out why nothing was coming out.

“I decided to go back on some old demos and stumbled across this one and it just sort of made sense that I needed to release it to some degree. It was one of those things where I thought ‘oh, I can work with this, this is something I can adapt to my modern playing style’ so I re-demoed it and now it’s here.

“What’s sort of weird about it is that so much time passed from when I wrote it to now that I hardly even remember what the feelings in the songs were towards. It’s sort of vacant emotionally because I may have outgrown what I initially wrote, but it’s given me the opportunity to place new situations into the same lyrics. It keeps things interesting even if I may have forgotten how to feel the initial purpose of the song.”

In Your Sleep
“In Your Sleep is a weird celebration of death. Often times, when people around me pass I find I can become curious more than I can be sad. The end is a terrifying thought and to cease to exist sounds wonderful, or exhaustingly unknown.

“The beat is somewhat dance oriented because I thought of it as a celebratory tribal dance, where I am lifting up and praising the fact that one day I will get to die. I hope it is in my sleep next to someone I love, and I can go peacefully. I don’t get to choose that, but the sentiment of being lifted up out of my body while it is next to a lover in rest is expressed in this song. No matter what, I will die and that is what In Your Sleep celebrates.”

Think Too Much
“Think Too Much is the hardest song I’ve had to track. To put it very simply, the song is about a roadblock in compassion that I’ve stumbled across recently. My mind pushes me to believe everything is so meaningless that any emotion I feel becomes mentally invalid. I will fall in love and listen to my head explain to me why I am not.

“This song is every negative part of my personality and the fear I feel towards all of it. My emotion and intellect are at war with each other, and as I wrote this song I was taking a step back from both and understood, with much fear, that I will circulate thinking myself out of love until the day I die. I am afraid I will die alone, I am afraid I will marry and feel alone, and what is expressed most is that I am afraid I will never feel the true uninhibited emotion of love.”

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