Listen// Blah blah blah

A repetitive, shallow jab at repetitive, shallow culture.

Shallow, repetitive, grating and brattish. It’s not often you’re able to describe a track in such a way and it be deemed a good thing.

Cherryade‘s latest single Blah blah tries to be little more than the above, though what it does also try to do is be memorable and satirical. The track is designed as a tongue in cheek jab at most contemporary pop stars, particularly those in the pop and club scenes, who excel at songs devoid of meaning or significance.

Obviously, the risk in taking this approach is that it may leave the satirical song also lacking in any significance. Yet with its delirious dance repetitions and perfect song structure, the track avoids this trap. It’s laden with electronic beats and addictive synth-lines, laced with devil-may-care attitude and bestowed with the sweet yet fierce vocals of singer Ella, all of which make it a worthwhile listen.

Justifying the track, Cherryade say, “we wrote this song about people getting distracted with material things and focussing on style over substance. We love pop music, but so many artists we love don’t really say anything. It’s partially addressing that as well, but at the same time it’s also really tongue-in-cheek and fun.”

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