Listen// Dance for the Tinder culture

Alex Adair has no qualms with casual encounters.

Tinder is the gift that keeps on giving. From creating a culture that is increasingly accepting of casual encounters to giving many people a wealth of crazy stories, the app has fundamentally changed the values of younger members of society in recent years.

Yet its in Alex Adair‘s latest single Casual that we get Tinder’s greatest gift to date. The track is an infectious, danced-tinged electronic ode to casual relationships and putting the brakes on things before they get too serious – something that many Tinder users can and will relate to.

As if any explanation of the track’s underlying message was necessary, Adair is on hand to explain: “The premise behind Casual is being in a physical relationship with someone and nothing more. Then when things start to progress and become more serious, you just want to go back to how it was before; ‘Let’s keep it casual’.”

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