Premiere// Attom – Dive

Electronic heroes team up for uplifting knockout track.

With millions of streams and Spotify New Music Friday appearances, it’s only natural that Attom​ and Cosmos & Creature​ have teamed up for a killer collaboration. Titled Dive​, it’s an uplifting electronic cut courtesy of Attom that finds Cosmos & Creature delivering a gorgeous one-two punch of ultra-melodic vocals.

On the process behind Dive, Attom noted, “Working with Cosmos & Creature was great. They both have wonderful voices, and the lyrics and unique dynamic between Brandyn and Molly’s voices were really inspiring for me. Sometimes I have to rework a song a few times until I find the right idea, but with Dive it all came together very naturally!”

As for Cosmos & Creatures’ inspiration for the song, they said, “We wrote Dive about wanting to get real with people and be authentic. You can waste a lot of time by beating around the bush or not saying what you feel. A lot of these lyrics were inspired by our desire to dig deeper past the surface level and going all in. It’s about allowing yourself to want more and jumping in with wild abandon.”

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