Listen// Mile Me Deaf voyages beyond psychedelia

Psychedelic outfit adopts more dub feel on new single.

Mile Me Deaf has long been synonymous with elongated psychedelic soundscapes and trippy tracks that are deliriously infectious. While the latter is certainly still true, latest single Voyage showcases the band stepping beyond psychedelia and into the realms of indie-dub.

With that said, the track also revisits a key element of MMD’s sound that was under utilised on recent album Alien Age, which is the outfit’s unique flair for crafting sprawling soundscapes that lull along as if taking listeners on a journey. True to the name, Voyage sees the band capture that feeling again as the track lumbers on with a dub-inspired beat, hazily layered vocal melodies and an infectious vocal-led chorus.

This is a new side to MMD, with the guitars predominately muted throughout and offering up a stripped back take on the band. While this does lead to a handful of moments that would likely be better with big guitar sounds – such as the middle eight suspense that delivers a fizzle rather than a drop – it’s difficult to deny the single’s memorability and effectiveness.

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