Listen// Bel Heir is coming of age

New single tackles the angsty transition to adulthood.

Everybody remembers the uncomfortable moment when they first realised that they were officially an adult. Alternative outfit Bel Heir has definitely experienced that, and latest single Washed Up is an ode to the reflective angst that comes with it.

Packed a bit too stereotypically with punk adrenaline and a fierce desert-rock bite, the track is a relentless audio attack on the senses as the band reminisces of how simple and innocent they used to be prior to falling under adulthood’s curse.

Of the track, the band states, “Washed up was written about the introduction to the ‘real world’, going from teenager to adult and seeing things as they are rather than as they used to be. It’s about the coming of age and realisation that not everything is as it seems.”

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