Video// Tom & Collins’ sex and sounds

Music video for latest single is questionable.

One of the biggest backlashes of music videos in general in recent years has been that of the sexualisation of, predominately, women. It’s a well-known issue and debate and, despite this, it continues.

The offender this time is the music video for Tom & Collins‘ latest video, Give Me One Reason, and it’s an unusual instance. Much of the video centres around a slightly unusual woman with a taste for equally unusual and scarce clothing, who decides one day to abandon civilisation and inhabit the woods with her two dogs.

A confusing sequence ensues, where the dogs – no wait, they’re humans – chase down and devour a chicken, before the strange woman follows her humans – no wait, they are dogs – and has a bit of a fall. It’s confusing and doesn’t serve to support the track in any way, or rationalise why even when still a member of society the woman seems keen to flash nipples and bumcheeks in every other shot.

It’s a confusing affair and one that will inevitably get some anti-sexualisation backlash, but if you can look past all that, there’s a very enjoyable song soundtracking it all.

Edit: The original video was taken down. To avoid this piece being redundant, we are linking to a reupload.

Give Me One Reason – Tom & Collins from ADRENORAMA on Vimeo.

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