Listen// An anthem from Dream Eaters

It’s The Dream Eaters vs the world on new folktronic anthem.

Not long ago, The Dream Eaters dropped their most recent album, We Are A Curse. Across the ten sprawling folktronic tracks, it’s pretty easy to overlook a few gems. One that everyone should pay particular attention to, however, is Neanderthals.

The track is a lumbering behemoth of folktronic perfection. Pushed forward on a acoustic driven guitar line with a staccato electronic buzz and tumbling drums in the background, the song is one that inspires singalongs with slow burning build and choir-backed rousing chorus.

Yet what is most interesting about the song is that it puts a brand new spin on the age-old songwriting theme of “us against the world”. With this, the angle is less of the narrator versus the masses but rather the narrator above the masses.

Here, the wider society are the neanderthals – unevolved, unsophisticated and unintelligent. It’s a subtle flip that keeps the song’s onwards march feeling fresh and original.

Support the artist! Buy the song here or purchase the full ten-track album here.

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