Listen// Let’s talk about Johnny Kills

The punk revivalist trio has dropped its first proper single.

Johnny Kills is not a band that is big of secrets, mysteries or translucency. From the very first note of proper debut single Let’s Talk About Me, the band makes it abundantly clear who they are and what they’re here for: they are a punk revivalist outfit and, if punk was in fact dead, they’re currently beside it with a defibrillator.

The power, passion and propulsion of the single is almost enough to make you think that the last twenty-odd years of punk deviation ever happened. Ignore the pop-punk movement. Ignore the plastic-punk of the late 90s. The real deal is back again with Johnny Kills and, as shown over the course of the three minute single, it is back with a vengeance.

The guitars burn with a blistering passion and are delivered with a strumming pattern so intense that it almost passes for tremolo, while the rumbling bass and bruising drums offer up one of the most muscular debut singles of the year. It is relentless and it is frantic, with a healthy dose of youthful angst and annoyance to make this an anthem for young and old alike.

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