Playlist// Influences: Annabel Allum

Alt-rock artist shares the ten tracks that influenced her.

Annabel Allum chooses the top tracks that influenced her music

Janis Joplin – Cry Baby
“I chose this because her voice, and the power of her voice, will never fail to give me goosebumps. Very few female vocalists can do that for me.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers- This Is The Place
“I grew up on the Chilis — especially the By The Way album. I used to play it on repeat and drive everyone crazy.”

PJ Harvey- Man Size
“Two words: GIRL POWER”

Oasis- Champagne Supernova
“I love Oasis. This song brings back so many memories of reckless summers and drinking tinnys, underage in the park.”

Velvet Underground- Heroin
“This whole song is a masterpiece. The change in tempo, the erratic guitars, the textures, Lou Reed. Also, I rate John Cale as a producer and musician.”Annabel Allum is a new alternative artist with a 90s grunge twist.

Sia- Don’t Bring Me Down
“Sia’s songs guided me through a lot of heavy times in my life. The emotion and honesty in her writing has always enticed me, and encouraged my own work.”

Portishead- Roads
“I listen to this song and it cleanses me. It gives me space to breathe, think and find clarity.”

Cigarettes After Sex- Nothing’s Gonna Hurt you Baby
“I cry, every time. When I need to let myself feel I listen to this. I find it hard when people play this as backing music because it makes me so emotional! I have to leave the room or ask to change track… haha!”

Slowdive- Crazy For You
“This track has such a time stamp on it for me. It brings me right back to a certain falling for someone. Also a lot of smoking grass!”

Nirvana- Negative Creep
“The kinda song I’ll whack on and jump up and down/ dance erratically/ head bang to.”

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