Listen// Explore a dream with Divisionists

Latest single from power-psychpop outfit offers escapism.

It’s often said that music is an escape from the mundanity of everyday life. That has never been more true than it is of Dream Landscape, the latest single from psychedelic power-pop outfit Divisionists.

Driven by psychedelic guitars with a rough and abrasive edge, the track takes you on a gentle plod through a tranquil and slightly surreal musical landscape. This tranquillity is occasionally disrupted by expansive lead guitar riffs, but these add another depth to the experience.

True to the band’s name, however, this track will be divisive. While the tranquillity of the instrumentation is sensationally blissful, the vocalwork subtracts from this. The coarse vocal doesn’t make up much of the song — probably accounting for roughly 10 percent of overall run time —but are present long enough to bring listeners out of the experience. Then again, you wouldn’t necessarily want a universally palatable song from a band called Divisionists, would you?

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