Listen// Pain into pleasure

New single from Blonde Roses turns past pain into listener pleasure.

Reviewed - Blonde Roses release new single Anymore

Pain, suffering and heartache form one of the cornerstones of rock music. It’s debatable whether this is because listeners tune in and feel catharsis for their own suffering or because they just get off on hearing other people’s suffering. In any case, Blonde Roses‘ new single Anymore will deliver this cathartic/twisted pleasure (delete as appropriate).

Imbued with the spirit of classic southern rock, the track is built predominately around a creeping guitar riff that merges blistering rock attitude with an oddly funky rhythm. This makes for not only a captivating guitar backdrop but also makes the chorus hit even harder, with the guitar switching from picked riff to glorious chordal assault.

Then there is the vocal, which is a strange and enjoyable mix of velvety smooth melodies and emotionally weathered grit. This combination means that, by the time the latter half of the track comes around, the booming vocal deliveries are extra effective and inspirational. As songs written from places of pain go, this is undoubtedly one of the most empowering of recent years. Press play and say hello to catharsis.

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