Listen// Start summer with Pandaboyz & Nano Bites

New EDM single drops all the sunkissed beats you’ll need this year.

Pandaboyz and Nano Bites release Mumble, the EDM hit of the Summer 2017

Nothing quite marks the start of summer like the release of a dozen breezy EDM tracks designed to win over hearts and ears on their way to be claimed “EDM anthem of the summer”. In the deluge of processed beats and churned melodies, Pandaboyz and Nano Bites manage to stand out with Mumble, an EDM hit worth hearing.

With chill-tinged synth lines and a relatively straightforward vocal, it doesn’t initially seem like anything particularly interesting. But what makes Mumble stand out is its focus on the vocals, which goes beyond that of a churned out EDM track. The vocal melodies form the backbone of the track, with the pre-drop voice being the main means of building momentum and making the drop impactful.

Sure, there’s only so far you can get on a vocal hook alone, and Pandaboyz does a great job of adding in enough captivating instrumentation and relentless beats to carry this off well. As EDM summer anthems go, this one is onto something good.

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