Download// Embrace youth with Alex Preston

House producer’s new track is a perfect combination of soothing and energetic.


If you’re not clued up on Alex Preston yet, you will be before the year is over. The EDM/house producer has been making waves recently through endorsements from big name DJs, including Pete Tong, Erick Morillo and Martin Garrix. Each of these should be enough to convince you of Preston’s talent. But, if not, his new single Don’t Grow Old will be.

The single is a classic house track with a modern facelift, drawing on chilled out synth fizzles and a soulful vocal segment to set the scene for the mindlessly hypnotic pleasure the beat inspires. This is accentuated by the backing vocal sample hooks that appera throughout, drumming up a sense of euphoria and elation. It’s house in its purest form, and therefore perfect for late-night repetition.

Preston, of course, is fully aware of this and has pre-empted the track’s inclusion on more than a few DJ sets. As such, he’s also released an extended mix on free download for club DJs, which is also well worth inclusion in your personal playlists.

You can download the extended mix of the track for free from Alex Preston’s soundcloud.

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